Shelby’s Bridge

Shelby’s Bridge is a non-profit organization based in Sudan, Texas, dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic Shelby’s Bridge, as well as promoting tourism and economic development in the surrounding area.

The organization was formed in response to the closure of Shelby’s Bridge to vehicular traffic in the early 2000s due to safety concerns. The group recognized the importance of the bridge as a historical landmark and an important part of the community’s heritage. They began working to raise funds and awareness in order to restore and preserve the bridge and make it accessible to the public once again.

One of the main goals of Shelby’s Bridge non-profit is to raise enough money to fund the bridge’s restoration and make it safe for cars to cross again. The organization has successfully raised funds through various events and initiatives, such as community fundraisers, grant applications, and donations. They also run guided tours of the bridge and provide information about its history and significance.

In addition to the group’s preservation efforts, the organization also promotes tourism and economic development in the area. They partner with local businesses and organizations to promote the area as a destination for outdoor recreation, history, and culture. They also support local events and festivals to bring more visitors to the area.

Shelby’s Bridge non-profit also educates the public about the importance of preserving historic landmarks and their role in preserving the community’s heritage. They offer educational programs for schools and community groups, as well as informational brochures and guided tours of the bridge.

The organization is run by a dedicated group of volunteers, including residents, business owners, and history enthusiasts. They work closely with local government and other organizations to ensure their efforts align with the community’s overall goals.

In summary, Shelby’s Bridge non-profit is a dedicated group of individuals working to preserve and promote the historic Shelby’s Bridge as well as promoting tourism and economic development in the surrounding area. They raise money, educate the public and work in partnership with other organizations to achieve their goals. The organization is an important part of the Sudan community, and its efforts help to preserve the community’s heritage and promote the area as a destination for visitors.

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Map from Shelby’s Bridge to AW Broadband

Map from Shelby’s Bridge to Grulla National Wildlife Refuge

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