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Don’t play the waiting game when it comes to your wireless internet service. Get internet that goes the speed of life. With high speed internet from AW Broadband, you can stream your favorite shows, upload photos, and download movies and music faster than ever before!

At AW Broadband, we are more than just another local internet provider. We are the best internet company for homes, businesses, and rural areas, providing internet solutions that make your life easier and pocket book happier.

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Bundle and Save up to $15

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Your Clarendon internet service should be one that can keep up with your specific needs, and high-speed internet from AW Broadband can do just that! With our dependable connections, you can stream all of your favorite shows, upload photos to your favorite social media channels, and download music and movies faster with plans that scale with your usage!

AW Broadband is more than just another local internet provider. Our pride lies in being Clarendon’s best internet company for homes, businesses, and rural areas, providing cost-effective internet solutions to make your life easier.


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No matter what your internet needs are, we have a plan for you! From basic connections to packages that are built for speed and supplying service to multiple members of your home, we have the service that you need.



In this day and age, streaming movies and television shows through services like Hulu and Netflix have become the norm. Ask your representative what package would best suit your needs if this is common in your home.


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We strive to provide the best internet services possible to the Texas Panhandle. If you are like any of us, you love supporting local businesses. Our award-winning suite of internet services continues to grow across the Plains of Texas with friendly staff waiting to support you.

Clarendon, TX

The small yet historically rich town of Clarendon offers visitors a unique blend of Western heritage and modern charm. This community was founded in 1878 and has a captivating history and an array of attractions that make it a worthwhile stop for travelers exploring the Lone Star State.

Clarendon’s roots trace back to the post-Civil War era when it served as a cattle shipping point along the historic Goodnight-Loving cattle trail. The town was officially established when rancher and trailblazer John S. Chisum recognized its potential as a trade hub for cattle ranchers. As the railroad arrived in the late 1800s, Clarendon flourished as a bustling cattle and ranching center.

One of Clarendon’s historical gems is the Saints’ Roost Museum, which offers a comprehensive overview of the town’s past. It houses an impressive collection of artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that vividly depict the pioneering spirit and resilience of Clarendon’s early settlers. The museum also features a replica of the iconic Saints’ Roost Hotel, which played a pivotal role in Clarendon’s history.

Greenbelt Reservoir offers breathtaking landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts to admire, offering boating, fishing, camping, and picnicking activities that provide a relaxing oasis from daily stressors. It makes a wonderful escape for boating fans looking for scenic beauty nearby.

The Donley County Courthouse is a magnificent structure showcasing classic architectural elegance. Its red brick façade and clock tower stand as a testament to the town’s enduring legacy.

A short drive from Clarendon takes you to Caprock Canyons State Park, where you can explore rugged canyons, hike scenic trails, and even witness a small bison herd, descendants of the iconic Texas Plains bison.

Just east of Clarendon lies the Goodnight Historical Center, dedicated to preserving the memory of Charles Goodnight, a legendary cattleman who helped shape the region’s history. Visitors can tour his historic home and learn about his contributions to the cattle industry.

Clarendon is home to several charming antique shops and boutiques. Stroll through downtown and discover unique treasures that provide a glimpse into the past.

If you have the opportunity to visit Clarendon during one of its annual events, you’re in for a treat. The Saints’ Roost Celebration, typically held in July, features a parade, rodeo, and various family-friendly activities. Additionally, the Christmas on the Square event in December transforms the town into a festive wonderland, complete with holiday lights and decorations.

After a day of exploring, satisfy your taste buds at one of Clarendon’s local eateries. You’ll find classic Texas barbecue, homestyle comfort food, and friendly dining establishments that offer a taste of Southern hospitality.

Clarendon is home to many charming antique shops and charming attractions that make this Texas Panhandle town stand out. Clarendon may be small in size, but its historical importance and charming attractions make it an unforgettable travel destination. No matter if your interest lies in exploring the past, soaking up natural splendor, or simply appreciating local culture – Clarendon provides something for every type of traveler! Pack up and visit Clarendon now – discover its many treasures of Texas Panhandle history!

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