AWTV Getting Started

Digital Television Service

Welcome to AWTV

Everything you need to get started.

Once you have downloaded the AW TV app, navigate to the AW icon and press Enter. Upon first use, you will need to log in using your AW username and password. After initial setup, your TV service will begin to stream. To get to back to the main screen, press the “Menu Button.”

Once in the menu, press Enter when Guide is selected (blue) to display the channel guide.

Your Remote Control

If you have subscribed to DVR, you can access your recordings by pressing the Menu Button and then navigate to the recording icon, shown below. Then press Enter

This will display the content that you have recorded. You can navigate to Scheduled to adjust recording timers. In the top right-hand corner, you will see your available DVR hours.

To navigate through the guide, you use the arrow keys. You use Up & Down to go through the channels and Left & Right to go through the time selection. With the arrow keys, you can go forward in time to see what is coming on and start a recording. You can also use the back arrow in the guide to view the previous 24-hour guide.

**Note** DVR service is available as a paid subscription. Some networks do not allow playback or to view previously aired content, even if you subscribed to a DVR service.

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