Blanca Schaffer Owner of Polk Street Nutrition

After having a great experience with Herbalife themselves, the owners of Polk Street Nutrition decided to open up a shop of their own to help more people learn about what they had discovered and offer it themselves. In 2017, they were able to open up their location at 1201 S Polk St #200, Amarillo, TX 79101 and began selling smoothies and teas. Blanca Schaffer, co-owner of Polk Street Nutrition, says they offer tasty shakes and drinks that can pack a boost of energy and essential vitamins. Some of the most popular supplements such as vitamins B6 and B12 can be found in their delicious drinks. Their smoothies are made with protein powders designed to keep you full for the same amount of time a meal would. These can be consumed in place of meals due to the nutrients and protein packed within each.

Polk Street Nutrition is a place of community that brings people in and encourages them to stay with warm welcomes and delicious drinks. Customer service and building relationships with those customers is something Blanca said she holds very dear. When people visit, she sees it as an opportunity to make a new family member. AW Broadband came to their service after Blanca and her husband noticed they could be getting better service and were referred to them by a friend. She said she is very grateful for the amazing customer service she has received and is grateful for what AW Broadband has to offer.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/polkstnutrition/

Phone: (806) 418-6762

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