What is the Difference Between WiFi and the Internet?

A lot of factors go into choosing the right internet service for your needs. Depending on your hobbies and career, different requirements will be needed across the board. There is no one solution to everyone’s needs. Gamers will need a connection that is speedy and reliable, as well as those who work from home. Some people will just benefit more from a quick connection because of their preferences. Multiple resident homes, regardless of whether a family is occupying the residence or individual roommates, more speed and upload and download time will be needed.

The difference between WiFi and the internet can be lost on many people. It is essential to understand the distinction between the two when discussing what your needs for service will be. Keep reading to learn more.

The Internet is a series of interconnected networks spanning the globe. It facilitates the exchange of information and data between people, whether they be a few feet apart or hundreds of thousands of miles. All kinds of entities harness the power of the Internet to carry out operations, such as government, private, public, educational, and other kinds of institutions.

These networks are connected through various technologies, such as optic cables, wireless connections, and electronic automation. Internet protocol is the language these networks use to transfer and spread data. This allows for the instantaneous transmission of information to any corner of the world with the click of a button.

The history of the Internet is a long and complex one, but an unarguable transitioning point was ARPANET. This series of interconnected networks was used to carry out military and educational efforts in the nation. As time went by, more networks were added that allowed for more institutions and organizations to find use in the Internet. When large corporate establishments began to utilize this new technology, the Internet transitioned into what we now have.

Now you know what the Internet is, so what is WiFi? WiFi refers to the technology that connects wireless devices to a local area network in order to gain access to the Internet. The point of connection is a hardwired kind of connection that grants users entry to the World Wide Web to look up information, browse social media, shop online, and so much more. Wireless devices that are able to connect to WiFi include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. Today, there are gadgets that respond to spoken commands and require an Internet connection.

WiFi gives us the ability to watch movies and TV shows on our favorite streaming services, carry out business transactions, send and receive emails, and even conduct everyday activities. WiFi is rendered useless without a connection to the Internet. None of these things would be possible with only WiFi and no Internet. In fact, WiFi really can’t exist without the Internet at all because the Internet is the end goal. WiFi is just a way to get there.

Knowing the difference between WiFi and the internet is the first step to understanding the anomaly of the World Wide Web. If you are struggling with finding an Internet plan that is right for you, click here to read an article to help you out.

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