What is an Ethernet Cable and How Does it Work?

While most people today use wireless connections in their homes to access the internet, some people still prefer an Ethernet connection. Laptops, cell phones, and other wireless devices do not require the use of an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, but there are still some cases in which an Ethernet cable has its benefits.

An Ethernet cable is a source of connection between a computer and a router or modem. While a wireless connection offers more freedom, and not all devices can operate with a wired connection, an Ethernet cable can considerably improve the stability and increase the speed at which you can connect to the Internet.

This type of connection is hard wired to your computer and gives the advantage of a quicker and sturdier connection. With a wireless connection, physical structures can interfere with how well your WiFi functions. Walls and other WiFi networks can be a problem, but not if you are using an Ethernet cable.

The people who benefit most from Ethernet connections are the ones who require more speed. Gamers are likely to use wired connections to reduce or eliminate lag time altogether, and Ethernet cables can be used on virtually any gaming console. Handheld ones like the Nintendo Switch will require an adapter if the user wants to hardwire its connection to the Internet.

While in use, ensure the cable is securely plugged in at all times. The unplugging of a wired connection will drop the Internet instantaneously. Ethernet cables are, however, designed to snap into place to ensure a stable connection.

Ethernet cords can come in different colors and lengths, and either end of the cable will have the same kind of input, so it doesn’t really matter which side is plugged into the device and which side is plugged into the router or modem.

Many modern laptops that are slim don’t have a port to connect an ethernet cable; however, there are adapters that will allow you to connect. There are also things called network switches that allow multiple ethernet ports to be connected simultaneously. This is useful when multiple gaming consoles are connected to the same network.

WiFi is an absolutely great invention that reduced the need for many cables and made it easier to connect to the Internet from a broader range of spaces. Click here to read our next article on the history of WiFi. While an ethernet cable is less convenient, it does allow for a more speedy connection. With a fiber and ethernet cable, the connection will be even quicker and more stable. An ethernet cable also makes it, so it doesn’t matter how far of a distance you are from your router. You will still get a super quick connection.

Because of the immediate connection, an ethernet cable reduces the amount of data that is lost or degraded as it is being transmitted. The only thing that can disrupt the connection of an ethernet cable is the physical disconnection of the cord from either side, breakage, or a power outage.

Another benefit of an ethernet cable is the security it provides. A wireless connection can be hacked pretty simply, but to access a wired connection, the cable and router are required.

The Internet can be quite an anomaly. To learn more, click here to read our next article in the series.

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