What is a Hotspot?

When you’re on the go but still require a connection to the internet, a hotspot is needed to get the job done. A hotspot is an access point allowing people to connect to the internet through a wireless local area network (WLAN) using Wi-Fi. You might be familiar with hotspots as most smartphones have built-in hotspots that use cellular data in order to connect other devices, like a laptop, to the internet. Speeds of these hotspots can range from one to 1,000 Mbps. If you need something that provides quicker speeds than the hotspot built into a phone, you can purchase one that is dedicated to being a hotspot with more data and higher speeds.

Hotspots typically are limited to data restrictions making them less than ideal for a permanent internet solution, but they are excellent for those times when there is no access to the internet. While unlimited data on a hotspot is rarely heard of, there are plans that can offer generous amounts of data and high speeds. In order to grant access to the internet, hotspots use cellular data from phone towers of mobile providers to deliver connections over 4G LTE technologies that require no physical connection.

The maximum speed hotspots generally provide up to 30 Mbps unless they can use a 5G connection in which they can acquire speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps in certain spots. A cellular signal is required in order to use a hotspot. Without cell service, hotspots cannot connect devices and grant them access to the internet. Hotspots create a Wi-Fi signal using the cell service, so in order to have a good hotspot with optimal speeds and adequate bandwidth, you’ll need to find a reliable cell phone service provider to supply you with the connection.

There are different types of hotspots, including 5G hotspots, mobile hotspots, travel hotspots, and phone hotspots. With a travel hotspot, you can expect to pay anywhere between $90.00 – $180.00 for data caps that are dependent on the provider. If you’re looking at a phone hotspot, the cost will be incorporated into your phone and data plan and include 15-40GB each month. A mobile hotspot offers between two and 100 GB a month for around $90.00 – $275.00, and a 5G hotspot, which is the more pricey option, offers between two and 100 GB each month for $336.00 – $509.00.

Your cellphone might have a hotspot built into it. It is easy to use and fairly affordable for what you get. All you have to do is simply hit a button, and your hotspot will be activated for anyone who has the code to use it. The service might not be the fastest, and you might not be able to get loads of data like you’d hoped, but if you only plan to use it on special occasions or a few times a year, it works fine.

If you want to turn on the hotspot built into your cellphone’s hardware, open your settings and go to “personal hotspot” (you might have to select “cellular” before “personal hotspot,” depending on the type of phone you have.) You will then toggle on the personal hotspot and allow others to begin connecting.

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