How to Determine How Much Speed You Need

Internet connection is a part of every human who is living in a functioning and developed society daily life. Work has become increasingly done from home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that window of time when the world was shut off physically, it was lit up in the digital realm. Employers began accepting the fate that was quarantined and put in place the practices of working from home that is still living on today. There are plenty of benefits to working from home, and many will agree that their life is enriched by getting to spend more time away from an office. It can be argued that the community of an office is better than being secluded in your own home every single working day.

No matter where your work is, you will need an internet connection. What else requires an internet connection? Streaming platforms, social media, and anything using data on a mobile phone. Even schoolwork requires connections to the internet. Internet usage is inescapable in basically every aspect of life. The deciding factor on how much speed you need will rest in how often the internet is used in your home.

Let’s say you live in a home with two other roommates who both work from home. While you don’t work from home, you make a hobby out of playing video games on the computer. Not only are these games providing you entertainment, but you’re making money off them as well, which contributes to your savings fund. This basically means you also work from home. With three people in a home who all use social media, work from home, and watch movies and shows on streaming platforms, you’ll inevitably need a higher speed than you would if you lived by yourself and only needed the internet for your own hobby/side hustle and media consuming habits.

According to, 100 Mbps is a “good” download speed, and 10 Mbps is a “good” upload speed. With this amount of bandwidth, it is simple for several devices to stream, play games, and browse social media all at the same time. If you were to live alone and not work your main job from home, this would be more than optimal. If you had a few roommates who work from home, 100 Mbps might not cut it, depending on the type of work.

Today’s standards are a bit higher for internet connectivity than the average 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers broadband. This would probably be ok for someone who uses the internet as little as possible, having maybe one device using the connection at a time. A multi-person household should invest in between 40-100 Mbps download speed for the best quality of internet. For multi-person homes with data being used for intricate jobs that require large downloads or lots of uploads or are avid gamers, anywhere between 100-1,000 Mbps is required to operate comfortably.

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