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Northeast Moore County is home to Sunray, a small Texas town with a population of 2,064. Sunray was founded by Jack Clarence Collins who was born in Hartley in 1893 and founded Sunray in 1930, but it wasn’t called Sunray at its time of inception. During development, lots in the area were sold for $10 under the name “Altman,” but it was quickly discovered that a town in Rusk County was already enjoying that name, thus the name “Sunray” was used for the new town. This was due to the fact that an oil refinery named “Sunray Oil Company” had set up its location near the town. The town is basically a farm town with a 100% rural population so there isn’t much to see.

Sunray does have a few points of interest. Treasure Island Waterpark is a waterpark located in Sunray and provides a nice place for children to play during the hot summer days. Another location in Sunray is Lone Star Family Farms. This farm is a big employer for the people of Sunray and surrounding towns located right on the border of Sunray.

Moving from Claude, TX to Cactus, TX in 1959, founder Lloyd Crownover wanted to “set the stage” for the future of generations of farmers in the Texas Panhandle to come. The farming gene was embedded into his children and grandchildren and in 2009, Lone Star Family Farms was born. In order to be a stronger player in the agriculture industry, the family decided to pull together all their resources and the individual farms to form one operation. The partnership of the farm has been built outside of the Crownover family and has now expanded its operations in multiple counties in the Panhandle.

The Lone Star Family Farm has cultivated its brand of being a positive work environment and experience for employees and the family. Reviews employees have left regarding the farm are optimistic and positive and show just how dedicated the operation is to being a great place to work. The farm is also dedicated to the protection of the environment, and because of this, it uses cutting edge technology to carry out operations while running equipment at maximum efficiency to improve the quality and quantity of yields while protecting the Earth’s natural resources.

Lone Star Family Farms has been in the farming industry for many years and grows a wide variety of grain products which includes seed milo, seed canola, milo, yellow corn, non-GMO yellow corn (food grade), white corn (food grade), non-GMO white corn (food grade), wheat, triticale, cotton, rye, barley, organic corn, and organic sorghum. If you are interested in a specialty product and want Lone Star Family Farms to grow it for you, you can consult with the farm to see if the climate and soil allows for them to grow it for you.

The tragic loss of farm partners Adam Crownover and Johnny Crownover brought about a scholarship fund for Wayland Baptist University students pursuing the football or wrestling programs at the university. The scholarship was started in 2010 and due to Adam and Johnny’s love for football and wrestling in Adam’s childhood.

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