Honey Buzz Winery

If you’re looking for a unique place to grab a bite to eat and a sip to drink, look no further than Honey Buzz Winery located outside of Canyon, TX. Honey Buzz Winery offers a robust experience and specializes in mead and other honey products. Feeling snacky? Grab a charcuterie board or sandwich from the dining area, but be sure to be on the lookout for bees buzzing around if you choose to eat on the patio.

Owners of Honey Buzz Winery George and Paige Nester originally began their journey with a pumpkin farm and a few beehives in 2011. In 2010, George and Paige decided to purchase and run a pumpkin farm. A year later, the idea of keeping bees came to mind when thinking of ways to keep their plants pollinated. This turned into a hobby and the couple started obtaining even more beehives. Now, since 2018, their farm, Creek House Honey Farm, operates with 30 beehives during the year and sells raw honey and other beeswax products in addition to housing an event center, gift shop, and small diner.

George Nester, who holds a deep love for beer, began brewing mead once they had a good supply of honey. This led to the opening of the winery. Honey Buzz Winery carries a variety of carbonated meads brewed by the Nestors themselves. They also offer mead slushies that are perfect for cooling off on a hot, sunny day, and carry bottles of mead for when you want it on-the-go.

If you have a special occasion creeping up and are looking for a cozy, unique venue to host your event, give the Creek House Honey Farm a look! This bee farm is located outside of Canyon, TX and provides spectacular views of the high plains and the beautiful panhandle sunsets. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Visit the farm during one of their live music events. These events are normally held with food trucks in the vicinity to accommodate your hunger.

Creek House Honey Farm offers bee tours and beekeeping classes for all you bee lovers who want to know more about these little creatures. On the bee tour, you can freshen up your knowledge of bees and their intricately designed hives and even taste the delicious honey produced by these bees fresh from a hive. You’ll be given the opportunity to suit up and learn to light a smoker so you can get up close and personal with these little beings and see how the honey gets made. Literally. You may even get the chance to see babies being born and worker bees pollinating the fields.

If this gets you excited, you can sign up for beekeeping classes with a professional beekeeper. Learn how to take proper care of bees and their hives in the panhandle in this two hour course that covers biology of the honey bee, division of labor, and the life cycle of the bee. You’ll also be taught about the necessary tools and protective gear used in beehive management.

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