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It all started with a telegraph station in 1888 on the Southern Kansas Railroad. First known as Glasgow, then Sutton, Pampa, TX established a post office in 1892 and was renamed to fit the area’s resemblance to the Argentine Pampas. After the oil boom in the 1920’s, Pampa became the new home to the county seat in 1928. Today, the town is home to a population of 17,538 people with some notable attractions.

Pampa, TX is not short on things to do or things to see in the town. On top of concerts and rodeos the town hosts, there is also a water park to cool off during a hot summer day, some bike trails to take in the scenery, the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center to get educated about some music history, and more! The town also houses a few museums, one of which is the Freedom Museum USA.

The Freedom Museum USA is located in a water pumping station built in 1939 by the Public Works Administration and houses a large collection of memorabilia belonging to the military. Take a visit and you can explore indoors and outdoors to see displays provided by the Army, Air Force, and Marines.

The Freedom Museum USA was developed by the Pampa Army Airfield reunion, and later incorporating the Veterans of Foregin War Post 1657 in the project, in August of 1986. The museum came about to commemorate and show honor to the men and women who have served this country in the United States armed forces. Development of the museum took about eight years and finally opened its doors in August of 1994. Recently, the museum has undergone a few updates and has been remodeled and enlarged to about 3,600 feet of space for the exhibits. In order to paint an accurate, historical picture for visitors of the museum, displays in the exhibits include both private and official military memorabilia received by civilians and military personnel. The museum features items used in military service dating from the Civil War era to present day.

The museum has free admission for all, however contributions are highly appreciated by the museum. It is fully staffed by volunteers and is a 501 ©(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations go directly towards the upkeep and development of the facility. The Freedom Museum USA is a member of several organizations including the Texas Heritage Trails Program, the American Association for State and Local History, the Texas Association of Museums, the City Of Pampa, the Pampa Chamber of Commerce, and Gray County.

The Freedom Museum USA website contains a mission statement that states the purpose of the museum which is the acquiring, collection, preservation, and exhibition of military memorabilia from every branch of the military and to conserve the Pampa Army Air Field history in relation to WWII. It also states the intent behind the museum which is to educate every generation on the sacrifices of war and demonstrate what the cost of peace is in war.

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