Amherst Christian Retreat Center

The Amherst Christian Retreat Center is a program which is designed to assist in the development and strengthening of disciples and leaders in the local church. Their website states that during their Walk of Emmaus, they use the model of Christ’s servitude to encourage those who take part in the program act as “a servant of all.” During the program, men and women are separated each weekend and they begin with a course full of Christian education that lasts 72 hours. The website says during these 72 hours, lessons are taught through talks by “lay and clergy” that showcase the ways in which members of the church could be good servants of the Lord. There are also meditation and prayer sessions as well as times of worship. Communion is also taken as a celebration each day. The Amherst Christian Retreat Center is located at 605 Main St in Amherst, TX.

Those who have taken part in the Walk to Emmaus hosted by the Amherst Christian Retreat Center assist during the process by serving food to, praying for, and doing other things to serve those taking part in the retreat. It would normally start on a Thursday and end on a Sunday. After this retreat, members are encouraged to form small groups to keep their faith alive and active. Their website says this is to encourage “faithful living” and help spread Christianity throughout their homes, workplaces, and other social interactions. The 72 hour walk in conjunction with the small groups is designed to “strengthen and renew” the Christian faith in people.

The Walk to Emmaus is inclusive of all churches of the Christian faith, but is sponsored by The Upper Room ministry unit of the Discipleship of The United Methodist Church. The retreat originated and is designed after the Roman Catholic Cursillo Movement that was native to Spain beginning in 1949. This movement was also meant to inspire those taking part to “Christianize” all aspects of their life. When the 1960s and 1970s came along, a wider variety of churches began hosting a Walk to Emmaus such as Episcopalians and Lutherans. A youth version of the Walk to Emmaus was curated in 1984 by the Upper Room called Chrysalis.

This section of the Walk to Emmaus was created in 2000 when a steering committee decided to open an area for a new community to host the walk. It is open to anyone of the Chrisitian denomination and church goers, people with a desire to strengthen their Christian faith, and dedicated Christians are encouraged to take part. The website gives users the option to enter prayer requests if you are feeling in need of some spiritual encouragement and strength.

Those who have participated in a walk are highly encouraged to form their own reunion groups because it might be difficult to join an already established group. These groups are very intimate and personal and should be shared with the people who you shared your walk with. All the necessary information and forms are located on the website if you are interested in joining a walk. There are also open groups listed on the website if you are in need of one.

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