Amarillo Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stop and smell the roses, take a trip to the Amarillo Botanical Gardens for a day of sun, fun, and foliage! Located next to the Don Harrington Discovery Center, the Amarillo Botanical Garden is home to 4.4 acres of a variety of seasonal plants, flowers, and trees and houses an indoor tropical conservatory on the premises.

Serving the Amarillo community since 1968, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens offers opportunities to host events at the garden. With an absolutely beautiful landscape and seasonal foliage, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens offers indoor and outdoor venues for people to hold events and is an excellent choice for weddings taking place throughout the year.

Group tours are available for parties of 10 or more and provide insights and knowledge on the extensive range of plants located in the garden. After taking this tour, you’ll be educated on all the types of flowers, trees, and plants that encompass the garden and will have learned the history of and some fun facts about the Amarillo Botanical Gardens! Wanting to stroll around at your leisure without a tour guide? General admission is available and grants you the opportunity to explore the garden unguided.

With events taking place year round, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens has a lot to offer visitors. During Christmas time, a stunning presentation of lights is set up throughout the garden that will satisfy your Christmas spirit. Prefer to visit when the sun is shining? No problem! The Amarillo Botanical Gardens hosts its own events year round to entice visitors and keep them engaged. From various concerts to a Breakfast with the Butterflies event, this garden has got it all.

Interested in becoming a member of the Amarillo Botanical Gardens? Good news! They offer memberships that give the benefit of unlimited access to the garden during business hours. This membership also grants members access to discounted rates for in-house events, free admission during the Christmas in the Garden as well as GardenFest, membership to over 300 gardens around the world, and half-price admission to concerts held at the garden.

If you love to garden and are interested in volunteering, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens offers 6 different areas in which you can volunteer. You can become a tour guide, assist in the gardening process, work the admissions booth, assist in administrative support, keep up maintenance, or even teach classes!

Another cool aspect about the Amarillo Botanical Gardens is that it offers educational classes for all ages! These classes include Ladybug’s Life Cycle, Honey Bees, and Panhandle Plants just to name a few.

The history of the Amarillo Botanical Gardens is one to impress. To prove gardening in the dry climate of the high plains of Texas was possible, a group of women began the first garden club of Amarillo in 1929. This garden club grew so much that it ended up being split into 13 different gardening clubs and societies over a 10 year span. Eventually, this led to the founding of the Amarillo Botanical Gardens that was dedicated on November 17 of 1968.

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