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We have placed a free Wi-Fi Hotspots for anybody who needs them around the city of Amarillo. Many students need the Internet for Schoolwork and working people need the Internet to work from home. If your current internet service provider goes down or you rely on school for internet, we’ve established these hotspots to help keep you going during this time of crisis.

Look for the sign that says “Free Wifi”.
The Network name to look for on your device is “AWBB Free WiFi”.

Please use these free Hotspots for anything you need and leave us a note on Facebook that you used it.

3433 Plains Blvd
Amarillo, TX

Allstate Security

450 W 22nd Ave
Amarillo, TX

Amarillo College Washington Campus, Parking Lot 5

816 S Van Buren
Amarillo, TX


2412 N Grand St
Amarillo, TX

Amarillo College Community Link Building

East 16th St
Dumas, TX

Dumas High School Football Stadium

625 N Main St
Stinnett, Tx

1501 S Florida
Borger, TX

Borger Faith Covenant Church

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Always expanding.
Always improving.

We are always interested in improving and expanding our internet service coverage area for the High Plains. If you have land in an area that we don’t service, then we’re interested in talking to you. Amarillo Wireless offers healthy incentives to those interested in helping us create stronger services for the Texas Panhandle.

Your High-Speed Internet Solution

You want internet service that keeps up with your specific needs. With high speed internet from AW Broadband, you can stream all of your favorite shows, upload photos to your favorite social media channels, and download your music and movies faster with plans that you can scale to your usage!

At AW Broadband, we are more than just another local internet provider. We pride ourselves in being the area’s best internet solution for homes, businesses, and rural areas, providing cost-effective internet solutions that make life easier.


Monthly Plans

No matter what your internet needs are, we have a plan for you! From basic connections to packages that are built for speed and supplying service to multiple members of your home, we have the service that you need.



In this day and age, streaming movies and television shows through services like Hulu and Netflix have become the norm. Ask your representative what package would best suit your needs if this is common in your home.


Personalized Service

Our staff are well trained to help solve problems you might experience. Always helpful and always friendly.

Pledge of Service

AW Broadband

We strive to provide the best internet services possible to the Texas Panhandle. If you are like any of us, you love supporting local businesses. Our award-winning suite of internet services continues to grow across the Plains of Texas with friendly staff waiting to support you.

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