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eFax Portal Guide

Welcome to the modern fax

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eFax Portal Guide

Welcome to the modern fax

Let’s Get Started

1. Navigate in your browser to

2. Login with your credentials.

For best results, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

AW Broadband main fax page

Sending a Fax

Sending a fax has never been easier. Once you are logged in, you are automatically on the “Send Fax” page.

To send a fax:

Enter the fax number in the “FAX NUMBER” field

  • If you would like to Include a Cover Page, click the slider underneath.
  • You can create tags and apply tags for convenient filter ing and organization
  • Click “Select” to choose a file to send, or you can “Drag and Drop” a file in the box .

Click SENDand you’re all set!

Fax notification as it appears in your email

Receiving Your Faxes

When you receive a fax, it is automatically emailed to you as an attachment. You can open the fax from your mobile device or your computer.

All Faxes are also saved in your Fax Portal. To view sent and received faxes, click the  icon on the left side bar.

    By Default, all faxes are shown. You can change this view to Inbound Only or Outbound Only by clicking on the appropriate field. You can use the   icon to filter by date, status, and tags.

    To open a Fax, click the three dots (   ) and choose an option. (ie: View/Print or Download )

      Click the (+) button to view, print or organize

      Viewing a fax

      Fax settings page

      Setting Notifications, Changing Email or Password & More

      Click the Settings Gear  in the bottom left to open your settings. Here you can edit your profile details or change email. To edit your email notification settings, click the FaxIcon

        Under “Fax”, you can change your CallerID Settings. The CSID is the name of how your fax will show up to your customers.

        Underneath, you will see your notification settings. By Default, AWBB eFax will send you all notifications via email. Click Password” change your password.

          Did you know you can save all your contacts in your Address Book?

          *Click on the  icon to access your address book.

          Contact Page

          Creating a saved contact

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