Randall Renfroe – Owner of Allstate Security

Allstate Security is a family-owned and operated security service company providing the Amarillo area with security access control cameras and fire systems since 1926 and patrol services and standing guards since 1967. Running a successful security service company requires excellent internet connections in order for equipment to function properly and run efficiently. A reliable internet connection is crucial for the company’s monitoring station according to Randall Renfroe, owner of Allstate Security. Since the inception of their company, AW Broadband has been working with Allstate Security to provide them with reliable internet connections and phone systems. He said they have AW Broadband to thank for their available phone systems and their reliable internet connections. On top of expressing gratitude for the company, Randall said he is proud to work with AW Broadband.

Website: https://www.allstatesecurity.com/

Phone: (806) 354-3200

AW Broadband has been connecting communities with high-quality internet, phone, and cable services in the Texas Panhandle for over 10 years and counting. We believe that well-built communities start with solid connections to family, neighbors, friends, and businesses.

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