Paige Nester – Owner of Creek House Honey Farm

There are a multitude of businesses that you wouldn’t necessarily think internet service is a priority, but in today’s world, that couldn’t be farther from the case. Paige Nester and her husband began their beekeeping journey in 2011 after purchasing a pumpkin farm a year prior, then deciding to invest in a few beehives to help pollinate their plants. They developed a love for beekeeping and started Creek House Honey Farm in 2018. Creek House Honey Farm is located outside of Canyon, Texas and, on top of selling honey and other beeswax products, has an event center available for customers to rent out as well as a winery that specializes in mead, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards. In the last three years, Paige said the farm has greatly expanded and has faced struggles with internet service and phone systems due to their location. When starting a farm, the main focus probably isn’t getting a good internet connection, but when running a business, it is a necessary factor. Because of the services AW Broadband has provided them, Paige said the farm can now function as a running business with access to WiFi and phone lines.

Website: http://www.creekhousehoneyfarm.com/

Phone: (806) 381-3446

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