Marry Russell – Stepping Up Staffing

Relocating a business is always a hassle. Most of the time, you know what you’re getting yourself into, but other times the unpredictable can occur. Mary Russell, owner of Stepping Up Staffing, knows the struggles of moving a business. Stepping Up Staffing is a local employment agency in Amarillo, Texas that specializes in placing qualified staff into various, open employment positions. They work with employers to pair them with full-time, temporary or fill-in staff members who are qualified and in need of employment. When they decided to relocate their business to a new building, Mary discovered how bad the reception was there. According to Mary, AW Broadband saved them by talking through what their needs were and providing the building with better internet reception. Mary expressed the pleasure it was to work with AWB and said she strives to provide excellent customer service just like them.

Phone: 806.344.4304

Website: http://www.steppingupstaffing.com/

AW Broadband has been connecting communities with high-quality internet, phone, and cable services in the Texas Panhandle for over 10 years and counting. We believe that well-built communities start with solid connections to family, neighbors, friends, and businesses.

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