Cindy Sheets – Executive director of Canyon Hope Ministry’s Fill with Hope

For charity organizations, ways to connect with the community surrounding it are vital to the success of the organization. Today, it is easier than ever to do this with reliable, high-speed internet connections so staying connected to those around us is effortless. Fill with Hope is a program run by Canyon Hope Ministry. The Fill with Hope program feeds over 1,100 students in the Canyon Independent School District and is currently supplying food to 18 schools within the district as well as adopting two more schools into their program in August of 2022. Cindy Sheets, the executive director for Fill with Hope, said the program heavily relies on the internet for their resources. The internet provides them with a source of communication with and connection to their community. Alongside the collection of donations, the Fill with Hope website gives community members a chance to sign up to volunteer for the program. The program depends greatly on volunteers from the community to help pack Hope-Totes, bags filled with non-perishable food items, so these children will have access to food when they are not at school. AW Broadband has made it possible for Canyon Hope Ministry to stay connected to their community through the Fill with Hope website and make it easier for volunteers to sign up. Cindy said they are extremely grateful for the connections AW Broadband has provided for them and would not be able to reach their community without them.

Website: https://fillwithhope.org/

Phone: 806.433.9957

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